It’s thrilling! The demand for justice  and fairness is
spreading all over the country & all over the world! Be part of it!


Great article about how the corporate zeitgeist has destroyed the artistic & intellectual bent in NY.

And get your Occupied Wall Street Journal 1st edition here!

And one more hideous if not unexpected development. Right wing operatives have deliberately intervened in DC’s Occupy Wall Street protest to precipitate violence & discredit the non-violent movement: Conservative Magazine Brags of its Agent Provocateur’s Role in Provoking Police Action in D.C.

Allons enfants…

If you are not watching the #occupywallstreet live stream, you are missing so much! The reinvention of small “d” democracy, civics, GA’s (General Assemblies), personal involvement, the Greek style chorus, reverence for “The Commons.” It’s impressive & brings tears to my eyes.

Don’t listen to the critics. Something significant is happening. And it’s spreading all over the country.

Watch, Get involved, support the protesters.

Lee Camp


Chris Hedges

…Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants…”
                                                                               -Louis D. Brandeis

On July 5th, Amy Goodman sat down in London with Wikileaks Editor Julian Assange & Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek for a riveting must-see discussion about the impact of WikiLeaks.  After watching the discussion it’s clear how profoundly superficial the usual media coverage has been.

“From being inside the center of the storm, I’ve learned not just about the structure of government, not just about how power flows in many countries around the world that we’ve dealt with, but rather how history is shaped and distorted by the media,” Assange said.

Here is a link to the full video & transcript.

So important to watch this and make up your own mind!

You might also read Glenn Greenwald’s The War on WikiLeaks and why it matters and his most recent post about the unredacted cable dump Facts and Myths in the WikiLeaks/Guardian Saga.

Today, Democracy Now! live steamed Amy Goodman moderating a forum from London with WikiLeaks Editor-In-Chief Julian Assange and Slovenian Philosopher Slavoj Žižek. It was incredible and important. I hope they will post the video so that more people can see it. The important takeaways in the words of  Žižek: “you can no longer deny that you know” and the conversation and free exchange of information between all people from Assange. I will post a link here if/when it’s available online.

NOT my America

Nicole Sandler called in to Thom Hartmann’s radio program yesterday and described the unbelievably horrible treatment she was given while in prison. At one point she was locked into a closet with a few people while the cell was being cleaned and was literally forgotten about! When she complained about the treatment, they punitively put her in solitary confinement for several hours! And, even worse, when she complained about being in solitary confinement, she was maced! A ridiculous travesty. The Bradley Manning treatment is happening at every level. You are now guilty until proven innocent – IF you ever have a chance to prove you are innocent.

For more about Sandler’s arrest:

Talk show host Nicole Sandler arrested at tea party Rep’s town hall

and her own account on her show blog with links to her internet show:

Allen West is a Coward

We all thought this kind of excessive police brutality would stop once the Bushies were out of office, but, unfortunately, we were sadly mistaken.

VERY. IMPORTANT. ARTICLE. By Michael Lind, Salon:

Are the American people obsolete?

The richest few don’t need the rest of us as markets, soldiers or police anymore….

I’ve actually been saying something like this for a while now, although not as articulately. I believe it is these issues that are driving the citizens’ discontent from both the right and the left. If only we could talk to each other, identify the problem and take our country back from the brink!  As long as our legislators don’t need us either, we are doomed.

This marks a historic change in the relationship between capital and labor in the U.S. The robber barons of the late 19th century generally lived near the American working class and could be threatened by strikes and frightened by the prospect of revolution. But rioting Chinese workers are not going to burn down New York City or march on the Hamptons.

What about markets? Many U.S. multinationals that have transferred production to other countries continue to depend on an American mass market. But that, too, may be changing. American consumers are tapped out, and as long as they are paying down their debts from the bubble years, private household demand for goods and services will grow slowly at best in the United States. In the long run, the fastest-growing consumer markets, like the fastest-growing labor markets, may be found in China, India and other developing countries.