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Nicole Sandler called in to Thom Hartmann’s radio program yesterday and described the unbelievably horrible treatment she was given while in prison. At one point she was locked into a closet with a few people while the cell was being cleaned and was literally forgotten about! When she complained about the treatment, they punitively put her in solitary confinement for several hours! And, even worse, when she complained about being in solitary confinement, she was maced! A ridiculous travesty. The Bradley Manning treatment is happening at every level. You are now guilty until proven innocent – IF you ever have a chance to prove you are innocent.

For more about Sandler’s arrest:

Talk show host Nicole Sandler arrested at tea party Rep’s town hall

and her own account on her show blog with links to her internet show:

Allen West is a Coward

We all thought this kind of excessive police brutality would stop once the Bushies were out of office, but, unfortunately, we were sadly mistaken.


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