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I’m proud & thrilled to announce that starting Monday May 4th,
we are expanding our Boston Progressive Talk Radio 
Programming on WWZN 1510AM from 6 am through 7 pm daily,
Monday through Friday.

The new lineup will include Jeff Santos, Stephanie Miller,
Ed Schultz. Thom Hartmann.

Look for more details at http://www.revolutionboston.com.
It’s been a long road to get here, but vision, hard work and
committment pays off!
Thanks to everyone who made this possible, including of course,
Jeff Santos, Alan Frankel, Samantha Clemens, Nancy Weinberg,
George Barrett, Jim Amatucci, and so many others!
Now everyone, support the station, call in to the programs
(617-237-1234 & 617-237-1230), and especially – support the sponsors!  
Let’s make our station the #1 Progressive Talk Station in the country!

Thursday May 7th 6-9 pm
Revolution Rock Bar
200 High St
Boston, MA 02110

(617) 261-4200
(across from Rowes Wharf, just off Atlantic Ave.
& the Greenway.) All Welcome!

Come Celebrate!!! This is for all of you!

Jeff Santos & Yours Truly broadcast live: Kick-off celebration, Revolution Boston 5/7/09

Jeff Santos & Yours Truly broadcast live: Kick-off celebration, Revolution Boston 5/7/09




Thanks to Matt Shear, posting in this weeks Democratic Dispatch:

I’ve just gotten back from tonight’s celebration at Revolution Rock Bar of the return of Progressive Talk Radio to Boston on WWZN 1510AM. It’s been a long time since we last heard a full day’s lineup of progressive voices over the Boston airwaves, and it’s long overdue. Congratulations to Jeff Santos and Robin, Alan, Nancy, George, and Samantha from “Save Progressive Radio Boston” for seeing this process to fruition. It was great to meet other enthusiastic supporters, and there’s a lot to celebrate.

The revival of Prog Talk in Boston comes not a moment too soon. Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Our people, merely for want of intelligence which they may rely on, are become lethargic and insensible of the state they are in.” I believe that right now Media is the battleground in advance of the 2010 bielection. The prize is domination of the terms of debate as we go forward. We need media outlets like AM1510 to give our Democratic message a level playing field on which the strength of our ideas will surely triumph.

Democratically yours,

Matt Shear



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