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For the second year, I intend to honor Earth Hour this Saturday night,
March 28th at 8:30pm local time. The goal this year is 1 billion participants turning off all lights as acknowledgement of the seriousness of Global Warming. Last year I took a moonlit walk that hour. It was a profoundly moving experience and reminder of what we take for granted and what we have to lose.

On March 2nd, I participated in a successful climate action in Washington, DC, to protest and ultimately close down the coal burning power plant powering our own Capitol Hill, walking distance from the National Mall!  More photos here. [My own photos to come soon].

[Much more work to be done! April 1st update:  Climate Bill is All About the Cold Hard Cash  ]

See organizer Joshua Kahn Russell’s blog post about the action here, and another  blog post  Report-Back: Capitol Climate Action on smartmeme.org.


Josh posted 13 related videos about the action on current tv here.

Acting Up #8: Art Attack

[Update: Climate Justice and Coal’s Funeral Procession by Joshua Kahn Russell in Z Magazine]


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