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Starting today at 4pm Jeff Santos (formerly host of “The Jeff Santos Show” on WKOX/WXKS AM) returns to the airwaves in Boston on WWZN 1510 AM for special 2008 Election Coverage.
Jeff will be broadcasting “Race 2008” from 4-5pm, Monday-Friday for the coming week through election day November 4th, Saturday & Sunday 10am-11am, and will broadcast live from the Boston OBAMA party headquarters on Election Night 6pm – midnight.
Today’s special guests include Former Massachusetts Governor (and 1988 Presidential candidate) Michael Dukakis and John Businger, former MA State Representative from Brookline, also an expert on voting issues. Other national and local guests throughout the next week. Hope you will tune in! You can also listen online!

UPDATE 10/31/08
Tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) Show has been changed to 11am -noon. 
Guests include Devin Romanul, young Democrat running for MA State Representative in the First Bristol District (Mansfield, Foxboro, Norton) and MA State Representative Sean Garballey, 23rd Middlesex District (Arlington, & West Medford). 
Sunday broadcast remains 10 – 11am. 
Monday broadcast is expanded to two hours from 4-6pm
Tuesday, Election Eve special broadcast from Copley Obama Party/HQ 6pm – midnight.Jeff will be joined by political consultant Earl Bender.  

A group of us, including Jeff Santos, are still working on returning Progressive Talk Radio to the local airwaves permanently. Seven months ago, some of us were on the radio talking about our efforts.

If you are wondering why we need progressive talk radio, it is to expose things like this video/audio:


Paul Weyrich – “I don’t want everybody to vote” (Goo Goo)


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Clear & to the point piece by Robert Reich in yesterday’s NYT:


 “…not all deficits are equal. As every family knows, going into debt in order to send a child to college is fundamentally different from going into debt to take an ocean cruise. Deficits that finance investments in the nation’s future are not the same as deficits that maintain the current standard of living.”

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